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About Us

Our Mission:
To be your CHAMPION!

We are a world-class team of social service professionals providing high-quality care to Medicaid members and their families.  

Oh, how easy it is to connect with us! We are committed to being responsive to your needs. As a highly progressive and innovative agency, we work harder and smarter for our Medicaid members living with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

So join us and put aside the cares of the week and find yourself in the presence of case managers, who really care about helping you. 

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Our Promise:

To provide the BEST case managers, OPTIMAL Results, & QUALITY life experiences!

Blue Sky is the champion for members and case managers, empowering them to work together towards the best possible Medicaid member life experiences. 

Blue Sky provides case management services for adults and children diagnosed with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) receiving supports through the Kentucky Department of Medicaid Services. Using mobile, high-tech innovations, Blue Sky upgrades quality of care outcomes for those living with IDD, while reducing Medicaid administrative expenses and taxpayer issues. 


To help you or a family member live independently in the community to make all of us better!

Blue Sky is accepting referrals for those in need of quality case management supports through the Kentucky Medicaid Waiver programs, including the Michelle P. Waiver (MPW) and Supports for Community Living (SCL) waiver programs. 

Blue Sky case managers gather the best recommendations by the provider team to help our members identify goals and time lines to live inclusive, meaningful, and self-directed lives.  We empower our members to have a voice, and to be the center of their Plan of Care team. 


Our Quick Response Team is available now
  • Contact us for a meeting: Let's discuss the options and how we can best serve you

  • Meet with us to experience the person-centered process with care & compassion from our case management team. 

  • Freedom of Choice: You have the right to choose the best case manager ever ... with Blue Sky 

  • Our expert case managers help members live and become active members in the community in the least restrictive settings.

  • Contact us to find out more about the Supports for Community Living and Michele P. Waiver application.
Supports for Community Living (SCL) & Michelle P. Waiver (MPW)
  • The SCL waiver is an alternative to institutional care for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities. SCL allows individuals to remain in or return to the community to lead independent lives in the least restrictive setting. Contact us to find out more about the SCL Application and SCL Emergency Form. Or, go to: 

  • The Michelle P. Waiver (MPW) is a home and community based waiver program within the Kentucky Medicaid program developed as an alternative to institutional care for children with intellectual or developmental disabilities. MPW allows children and adults to remain in their homes with services and supports. Contact us to find out more about MPW. Or, go the link:

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